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The most intimate and deepest way of working with me. I offer sessions that are tailored to your specific goals and desires, in the relationship you have with yourself, your body, your sexuality and your femininity. This is for you if you are ready to step into your full feminine and sexual power, yet it feels like there´s something holding you back.

I believe that we can heal anything if we closely listen to our bodies and the soft voice within us. The keys to true, deep healing lies in your body and deeper than your conscious mind - which is also the reason why just talking about your challenges will never solve them. In my work, I use a combination of techniques that access those places within you - the realm where transformation occurs, limiting beliefs and blocks melt away, where your answers and your power lie and where you can activate the self-healing mechanism of your body. Those techniques involve inner child healing, parts work, transformational breathwork, embodiment practices, hypnosis, Tao-Tantric Arts, gentle trauma release methods, vaginal self-dearmoring, ritualistic healing, womb healing to name a few. 

I have healed my own sexual and other trauma, PCOS (which is called incurable in modern medicine), severe menstrual pains, PMS, acne, hormonal issues, anxiety, food intolerances and chronic fatigue. This is why I specialize in challenges related to your sexuality, your body and your womanhood. Now, it´s my heart´s mission to guide women into their journey of sexual liberation and feminine power. My spaces are absolutely safe and free of judgement. You´re welcome in my space with all your fears, darkness, insecurities and shame - in fact, I want you to bring it. As a scorpio sun, taboos, sex, darkness and alchemy are my elixirs. 

An die Wand gelehnt


One online deep dive session (75min.) to break through what is holding you back in your sexuality, relationships, self-worth, body connection or feminine power. With impulses, additional tips and video/audio practices after the session. Ideal if you have one specific topic you would like to go into. 

Natürliche Schönheit


4. Januar 2025

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